Dawn of War 2 Gets Dark And Brooding

July 20, 2011 by brennon

The massive THQ and Relic Entertainment title Dawn of War 2 has been delivering an impressive interactive experience for just over a year now; letting lovers of the table top game and real-time strategy games play as their favourite Warhammer 40,000 races in campaigns and multiplayer modes.

Recently they added a pretty snazzy looking Dark Angel Chapter skin to the game, allowing you to customize your space marines to wear the flowing robes and winged helmets of one of the darkest chapters in the 40,000 Universe.

But now they have gone one further and released a skin for the Eldar race in the game, and it looks pretty impressive.

I think of all the Craftworlds they chose a pretty awesome one to add in as a custom skin in the dark and sinister Ulthwe.

However, coming in at around £5 is it worth it?

Do you guys play Dawn of War 2, and is this up your street? Did you enjoy the previous release of the Dark Angels too or are you a staunch Blood Ravens fan?

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