Keep Flying With Firefly Online Coming To Mobile Devices

July 18, 2013 by brennon

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San Diego Comic Con has given us a nice little announcement concerning the Firefly franchise. As well as the board game coming out from Gale Force Nine there is also plans to take Firefly Online...

Firefly Online

From the press release it looks like players will be able to create a ship, hire a crew and explore the Verse on planets and in the depths of space. Now this sounds great but when you hear that it's coming to Android and iOS to begin with I can hear a sizable groan from people.

My fear is that despite what they're saying this is just going to turn into a play-and-wait style affair where you log in and do some gaming and then have to wait before getting back into any action.

This works as a social mobile gaming experience but I would have preferred something like Eve where you really do have the entire galaxy at your finger tips.

While it's a welcome site to see Firefly coming back (like it ever lost any popularity?) I think they still have a fair bit to prove with this.

What do you think?

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