Hop in the Batmobile for the Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer!

May 22, 2014 by dracs

If one game series has grabbed my attention and not let go it is the Batman Arkham series, and now it looks ready to tighten its grip once more as the awesome gameplay trailer hits YouTube!

Arkham Knight

Scarecrow is back and he is uniting Batman's enemies to bring the caped crusader down and send Gotham into a spiral of riot and destruction.


Add to this a mysterious figure who looks set on killing the Dark Knight and its looking unlikely that even Batman can make it out alive.

Arkham Knight Villain

But that's OK, Batman has brought his Batmobile along this time.


I am psyched for this game! With the possible exception of Origins, the Batman Arkham games have been some of my all time favourite games and are without doubt the best superhero video games ever. This trailer looks awesome, with everything from the villains to the Batmobile itself. I cannot wait to find out more about what the story will be about.

Quick, to the Batmobile!

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