Lord Of The Rings Online Takes The Paths Of The Dead

July 11, 2014 by brennon

Lord of the Rings Online, which I still consider to be one of my favourite MMORPGs out there is continuing their journey alongside the One Ring with Paths of the Dead which takes you beyond Rohan and into the realm of Gondor and the South of Middle-Earth.

Paths of the Dead Screenshot

While there are a lot of naysayers surrounding the game for it to have survived this long is quite the achievement and the team behind the game have promised to keep at it for many months and hopefully years to come! This new update builds on the current expansion which had you fighting in Rohan and trying to hold back the attacks from Saruman in Isengard and takes you up above Dunharrow and into the creepy realm of traitors and betrayers.

Paths of the Dead


Blackroot Vale


As well as that Path of the Dead you'll also be venturing into Gondor and exploring more of its landscape while no doubt holding back enemies aplenty. This will also have you pushing up towards level 100 and unlocking more possibilities for your character in the process!

This all sounds very cool indeed and means that I'll have to actually put some hours in and finish the content I haven't done with my level 70 Dwarf Minstrel! So much to do!

Do you still play Lord of the Rings Online?

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