Have You Prepared For Your Death Yet In Dark Souls II?

March 28, 2014 by brennon

I'm somewhat late to the party on this one but I have been watching a few videos of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II over the past week and thought I'd share about it as it looks like quite the awesome fantasy game adventure that is coming to PC mid-April.

Mirror Knight



The game, which is available on Xbox 360 and PS3 at the moment with a PC release in the near future, sees you playing as one of the cursed undead who has to feed on and use the souls of others to retain any sense of their humanity.

In an interesting twist the game presents you with very little straight up narrative and much of the plot is to be gleaned from talking to characters that appear throughout the beautiful levels and in the enemies you encounter. The world itself is a ruin of its former self and has a haunting beauty to it.



The big thing about Dark Souls is that you will die. You will die over, and over, and over...I think you get the picture. It is an incredibly tough game but if you're good at it then you'll be able to duck and dive your way around opponents or simply just absorb their damage.

The reason I bought it up as a prospective game for you to check out is that is provides so many ideas for dungeons and adventures (as well as enemies) in your own tabletop games. I have already thought up quite a few encounters based on what I've seen of Dark Souls.

With that being said the game also has a hint of the Kingdom Death about it (and I'm sure the similarity goes both ways). I constantly keep thinking about how awesome it would be to see the chaps behind Kingdom Death get their hands on the rights to produce miniatures based on the enemies and heroes from Dark Souls.

Have you played this game?

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