Raiding & Pillaging! War Of The Vikings Launches On PC

April 17, 2014 by brennon

Paradox Entertainment and Fat Shark's War of the Vikings, an online only skirmish game, released yesterday so you can get your pillaging on as the Vikings, or defend the shores of Albion as Saxons...

War of the Vikings

The game sees you filling the boots of either side in a range of skill based melee fighting where you can just beat the living snot out of each other or fight for land and control points around their Dark Age maps.

This is Valhalla

Ice Fight

Dead Archer

Cliffside Fight

There are a number of classes in the game that offer you different weapon load-outs. Some of you might be carrying around big double-handed Dane Axes while others wield sword and shield for extra protection. Of course you could always go for the archer and start plugging your enemies with arrows.

I've been watching a few videos of people playing this game and it looks brutal and incredibly fun. You'll be learning to fight smart and then build your fully customisable class based on what makes sense for you. Did I mention you can even craft different beards to go alongside all those different weapons and armour types?

Alas if my laptop could handle this I'd be all over it!

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