Space Hulk Ascension Edition Coming To PC

August 12, 2014 by brennon

With a rather faithful if unpolished version of Space Hulk on Steam right now from Full Control it seems as if they have turned their attention to a new Space Hulk and Genestealer infested project. This time around the stand-alone game will be called Space Hulk: Ascension and has a few changes to implement...

Space Hulk Ascension

The first thing of note, and you should see it by the screenshot above, is that the Ultramarines are making an appearance and bringing a whole host of customisation options along with them. Terminators can now be re-named, re-kitted and tweaked to fit how you want your perfect team to look. The game will also include the Blood Angels and Space Wolves of the first game - all of which will be open for customising too.

Alongside that they've promised new levels, new Genestealer strains to combat and more challenge. The actual lighting and level design does look significantly better from the trailer giving a very closed in atmospheric feel. Here's hoping a few of the bugs have been ironed out this time.

Did you enjoy the first Space Hulk game from Full Control?

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