Take On More Space Hulk Campaigns On PC

November 23, 2013 by brennon

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If you are into the PC version of Space Hulk and have sat through some of the changes they have implemented to make the game run better than you might be excited to know that there are two new campaigns out. Defilement of Honour and Sword of Halcyon.

Space Hulk Screenshot #1

In the first mission, Defilement of Honour, you will be sent to investigate a Space Hulk that has begun to move under its own steam and is being controlled by a strange navigation device.

1) Bait (New)
2) Stop the Tide
3) Shut Down
4) Rearward (New)
5) Take Control

The above missions will be set before you and a new element, Air Ducts, have been added giving the Genestealers even more maneuvering possibilities.

Space Hulk Screenshot #2

The second Mission is Sword of Halcyon and sees you trying to reclaim a ship from the clutches of the Genestealers so it can be handed back into Imperial hands.

1) Impact
2) Salvage the Bridge
3) Shut Down
4) Purify
5) Inner Sanctum

See your mission choices above! As well as that this also comes with a new element to effect the game being Blast Doors. These seal off an area for certain and stop the Genestealers moving around the ship as easily.

Both of these campaign packs are fairly well price and considering the difficulty of Space Hulk as a whole it should keep you going.

Will you be getting them?

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