More Space Hulk Deathwing Screenshots Appear!

May 23, 2014 by brennon

Space Hulk: Deathwing was mentioned earlier this week and now the full set of new screenshots are out in the grim dark universe. See what you think of the Terminators and Genestealers below...

Deathwing Terminators


Librarian Vs Genestealers


Once again I'd love to think that this becomes a co-operative shooter as it should be. There is a whole team of Terminators there and it could well be one of the coolest 'wave killer' games out there as you scrap through the dark depths of a Space Hulk on your mission. I think the detail looks pretty solid across the Terminators armour but the Genestealer are looking decidedly better at the moment.

I think some of the normal Deathwing Terminators have a bit of a glossy finish to them at the moment and it would be nice to see them matte that down a bit to fit in with the surroundings.

I can't wait to see some gameplay!

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