Warmachine Tactics Is Looking Great & Playable!

November 15, 2013 by brennon

White Moon Dream’s upcoming Warmachine: Tactics video game is now in a basic but playable state. This is great news as it means the game is coming along really well despite not being near the Alpha stage at the moment.

The Butcher

Above we have one of their development diaries and you can check out the progress on the game (skip to 7:53 for gameplay!).

Cygnar Patrol

Khador Warjacks

This game is looking gorgeous; I wish I’d had the money to back it when it was on Kickstarter. Using the Unreal Engine will also be a huge boost as it’s one of the best engines to work with. You can tell from the quality of their work that these guys are passionate about this which will make the game that much better when it finally comes out.

Submitted by Daniel Ryan

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