World Of Tanks Embraces The Havok Physics Engine

March 12, 2014 by brennon

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World of Tanks, according to a post on Polygon, is embracing the new Havok Physics Engine when it comes to updates in the game world. Destruction of buildings and other tanks is now a possibility!

Tank #1

Tank #2

Buildings that were previously reduced to ruin in a single shot will now crumble and collapse more naturally and then interact with other tanks as they fall apart. This is all also dependent on the type of shell used. An armour piercing shell will shoot right through leaving a small hole. A high explosive round will blow the building to smithereens.

Tanks have also benefited from the physics upgrade and now everything, from tracks to attachments, moves and interacts with each other well. Blowing up a tank can also send the turret flying off depending on the amount of ammo still stored within the belly of the beast.

You can check out the video above for more information and to see these physics in action.

Will you be dipping back into World of Tanks?

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