Vlog – Prepare Yourselves, Weekender Is Coming!

August 24, 2017 by lancorz

If you thought we'd be starving you of a Weekender this week, you're wrong!

Vlog - Prepare Yourselves, Weekender Is Coming!

The Dudes and Dames of Games have been working their butts off over in the States and as a test, we're bringing you the Weekender this week from across the pond. We also have a few Vlog's that will be releasing over the next week featuring Lloyd's neat little game of Kings of Saga using Kings of War rules and Saga miniatures for an all out epic battle across the plains.

We also have something a little sneaky coming our way from the 3d printer, Warren's been testing out the limits of what we can achieve using our own 3d printer and let's just say, get swabbing the decks!

What have you enjoyed most from Gen Con 50?

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