VoodooWorx Show Off Their First Halfling Miniature!

December 15, 2014 by brennon

VoodooWorx have released their first miniature, the mighty but small Halfling warlord Hau'Rax The Butcher. Check him out here as well as a miniature for next year, Ulfan'Rax The Farseeing...

Hau'Rax The Butcher (Front)

Hau'Rax (Painted)

Hau'Rax The Butcher (Rear)

I think Hau'Rax The Butcher is a stunning looking miniature and it's great to see someone take on a different theme for what Halflings should be like on the tabletop. There is more of the traditional gnome and goblin to him which I like as it gives him an almost Grimm Fairy Tale feeling.

The painted miniature above was done by the very talented Dave Heathfield who has done one hell of a job. I like the red nose showing this particular Halfling might enjoy the odd tipple or two.

Ulfan'Rax The Farseeing

Coming out next year as I mentioned above will be their second miniature, Ulfan'Rax The Farseeing, who looks just as finely detailed as Hau'Rax does. I like the amount of expression they have managed to get out of his face and the level of detail across the whole miniature is great.

Hopefully we'll see some rank and file troops in the future from the folks at VoodooWorx and then you could use them as an army in their own right on the tabletop with something as flexible as Kings of War perhaps?

What do you think?

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