V&V Miniatures’ New Dark Age Warlord Swings His Axe

December 13, 2017 by brennon

V&V Miniatures continue to impress with their range of resin models for use in your Dark Age warbands. Their latest model is this Warlord with his hefty looking Dane Axe in hand.

Dark Age Warlord #1

I don't think there's anything that overtly ties him towards a particular faction and in fact, I could imagine him working as both a Viking and an Anglo-Dane/Saxon in the likes of SAGA. You might even be able to take him further afield if you added a few additional accessories.

Dark Age Warlord #2

I like the introduction of a lot more of those finer elements on the model which mark him out as a character and a cut above the rest. The sword resting at his side and the accessories and belts across his chest will work as important spots of colour to break up the chainmail.

Dark Age Warlord #3

The model also has one of the coolest looking helmet styles from the period too where it covers the top half of the head and the chainmail works like a coif, worked up under the helmet to protect the rest of the face. It gives the model a very menacing look.

With a shield like that, you might also be able to expand on my poor choice of a scheme (which is just one solid colour) and either do some freehand work or use some of the transfers that exist out there.

What do you think of this Warlord?

"It gives the model a very menacing look..."

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