Fight For Odin With V&V/Bronze Miniatures Vikings!

April 2, 2014 by brennon

Miniatures.Ru are always good when it comes to showing off sneaky historical news and this is certainly the case today. They managed to piece together the information from both V&V Miniatures and the Bronze Collection to show off some ace looking resin Vikings...

Bronze Collection Vikings

Resin Vikings

Above are the Bronze Collection warriors and then below them the new resin pieces that are at a bit of an odd scale but by Odin do they look very nice indeed. Miniatures.Ru have got hands on with the models and below is a bit of a preview of the pieces...

Resin Vikings (Front)

Resin Vikings (Rear)

Apparently these figures go together very well. The sword weilding figures came as one piece but some of them were multi-part and involved a bit of work to get them together. They do look incredibly well detailed and I think they would be a joy to paint up.

The only problem, and this is something pointed out by Miniatures.Ru, is that the scale doesn't really work for gaming. Being around 40mm in height they are too big for the regular 28mm scale and might even start to look out of place in 35mm scale too.

With that in mind if they did scale these down to 28mm I would pick them up in a heartbeat.

What do you think?

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