V&V Miniatures Smash Enemy Lines Apart With Byzantine Cataphracts

May 16, 2018 by brennon

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Looking for some heavy cavalry to smash through the enemy lines and cause disarray? Well, that's where the new Byzantine Cataphracts from V&V Miniatures might come in.

Byzantine Cataphracts #1 - V&V Miniatures

The kits from V&V Miniatures are all resin and give you some highly detailed models to work with and add to your force. Admittedly with all of that armour on they all do look the same, but each of them comes with a different weapon which is a neat point of difference!

Byzantine Cataphracts #2 - V&V Miniatures

I remember coming up against these heavy units when playing Rome: Total War. They were hell to deal with, even for a heavily drilled Roman force! In the end, I remember having to tightly bundle my force together, take the charge on the chin and then flank them with light cavalry at the rear in order to stop them retreating.

They are dangerous foes that fight just as well in ancient forces as they do in Medieval ones.

What do you think of the models?

"They are dangerous foes that fight just as well in Ancient forces as they do in Medieval ones..."

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