Panda Cult Offers A Peek Into Events For Their WIP Game Wander

May 17, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Gianna and I had the opportunity to catch up with Heath Foley and Jonathan Phillips-Bradford, aka Panda Cult, while were in Atlanta this weekend.

CBB character card

We couldn't resist the opportunity to have a little game of Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. The game plays every bit as well as I hoped it would, and we had a great time (and a lot of laughs) playing.

CBB card2

They're to the point now where they are ready to let folks have a closer look at game components and mechanics, starting with a character card and some event cards.

Your character will bring different levels of attributes into the game, as we've come to expect in adventuring games. Some are tougher, some are smarter and some split the difference.

CBB card3

These attributes play a significant part in how you fair in a fight as well as how well (or not!) you do in a test of wits. There are various hidden places in the game where you uncover an Event. These events have you roll using your knowledge level and face the consequences accordingly.

The events add a fantastic element of surprise - good and bad - to the game and your roll determines your often hilarious fate.

CBB card4

I'm so looking forward to the game, which is heading to Kickstarter later this year. I have no doubt that Gen Con is going to be great for Panda Cult, so make sure you Wander by (see what I did there?) if you're in the area.

Are you looking forward to adorable critter adventure game?

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