Black Wasp Bring New Fantastical Warband Sketches

December 30, 2014 by dracs

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Black Wasp Games have produced a bunch of new concept sketches to give us all an idea of what they are planning for their upcoming miniatures game Warbands.

Human Rogue

Half Elf Ranger

Human Paladin

Draconian Warlord


Half Orc Druid


These sketches show off a fairly standard collection of fantasy character, ranging from the usual dwarf, elf and human along with the usual jobs of fantasy gaming like paladins and rogues.

This makes me worry that Warbands will end up being far too generic, but I will say that a couple of these designs do look like they would make rather cool models. I particularly like the Half-Orc Druid with the antlers on his cowl, and would definitely use such a model in games like D and D.

Do you think Black Wasp Games' Warbands project is showing promise?

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