Black Wasp Sculpt the Shamanic Okobark the Half-Orc

February 2, 2015 by dracs

Black Wasp Games's Kickstarter for their upcoming wargame Warbands will be heading out on the 28th of February, and already we are getting to see what some of the final models will look like. Check out their sculpt for Okobark, the Half-Orc.


Okobark Left

Okobark Right

Okobark's model makes for a cool character piece. The detail of his chainmail and other paraphernalia works well, while the antlers on his hood frame his orcish features and somehow make him seem even more intimidating. Reportedly, he will also be able to take a bastard sword and shield, but I don't think this will work as well as the staff as the pose seems a little static for someone wielding close combat weapons.

As well as Okobark, Black Wasp Games have given us the lowdown on what we can expect to see in the Kickstarter.

Warbands Kickstarter Campaign

Warbands Kickstarter Campaign Stretch Goals

As you can see, there are going to be some tempting pledge options open to us. I particularly like that the Kings Pledge 1 lets you create a race for the campaign. For me, I think it would have to be either a race of birdmen, or maybe gnomes. Yes, a race of six inch tall warriors who swarm from every direction and ride rats to battle!

Does any of this tempt you to support Black Wasp Games when thy go to Kickstarter this month?

"Black Wasp Games's Kickstarter for Warbands will be heading out on the 28th of February."

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