Warsmith’s Successful Kickstarter Ending Very Soon!

October 22, 2013 by brennon

Warsmith have successfully pushed through their funding goal for Warboards and below you can see some more images of how the final product might shape up on the battlefield. There aren't many hours left until it ends so get in there!

Warboards Collection

The Warboards are looking great and they have unlocked the ability to bring a few boards to the table including the fantasy one by hitting £12,000.

Warboards Render

Close Up Render

This looks like it could be pretty awesome for gamers looking to get their gaming done on the fly. Fold out the board, set up some terrain and you are good to go. It then folds away simply and stores back in those boxes without having to take up massive amounts of room.

I could see this being a great option for games like Infinity and MERCS where you only need small gaming areas. It would give you a nice dynamic landscape right off the bat and you could even theme your soldiers bases to your Warboard.

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