Wargame Exclusive’s Greater Good Gets New Soldiers

April 24, 2017 by brennon

Wargame Exclusive has added two new characters to their Greater Good range. If you're a fan of the Tau and want to expand your army with some characters, maybe for the likes of Kill Team or Shadow War: Armageddon, this could be a range to check out.


First up we have the Darkstrider who would make a good leader for a unit of Pathfinders or as part of a Breacher team. There is also, of course, the actual Darkstrider for you to use him as who is a more fiery Tau soldier, ready to get stuck into the fighting.


I like the idea of developing him into a proper character for your army too like a Cadre Fireblade. However you choose to use him he'd make a fantastic character model, perfect for the smaller scale skirmish variants of Warhammer 40,000.

Let's Go Hunting

If you prefer your scouts and female Tau then there is also the Chaser who is ready to pick off her foe from range.


Once again she'd make an awesome addition to a Pathfinder team that's taking to the tabletop. With characterful models like this mixed in with the existing range of plastics from Games Workshop you could have a very original and individual looking Kill Team.


That's effectively what you want when it comes to games at the smaller scale. If you can get some good looking characters into the mix you're suddenly injecting a sense of narrative to proceedings. This also leans towards the discussions we've been having on bespoke miniatures.

Would you rather pick up these for your Kill Teams or a big box of plastic models?

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"Would you rather pick up these for your Kill Teams or a big box of plastic models?"

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