Create Your Own Tiles & Bases with BASIUS 2 Kickstarter!

September 27, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Basius ground

Need some dungeon tiles? Wish you had more detailed bases? You can solve both of your problems with this very cool Kickstarter- BASIUS 2- The Deluxe Stamp Pad Terrain Tile & Basing System by Wargames Bakery.

Basius instructions

Basius Tiles

This is a fantastic system where you choose from different stamp molds and press your own tiles and bases with whatever type of molding material you'd like! You have to watch the video for this- the possibilities are endless! You can make your terrain as big or small as you'd like with this kind of customizable product. You can even use them to produce small pieces of free terrain details, like  rocks, etc.

Basius options

This amazing idea is getting attention from very cool companies, like PECO & Wills Kits and Mantic! That's right! They loved the concept so much that they've asked Wargames Bakery to make system specific options so you can get stamps for Kings of War, Warpath and Battle Zones!

Will you be customizing your tiles and bases with this Kickstarter?

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