More War Of Independence Previews From Wargames Factory

May 13, 2014 by brennon

Wargames Factory are making good on their promise to bring the American War of Independence to life on the tabletop with their new plastic sets. See what you think of the miniatures for both the Colonial and Militia troops from Facebook as well as the box art for them...

War of Independence Americans

Continental Infantry

They're looking very near indeed and in particular those actual Colonial soldiers. I love the mismatch of uniforms and kit giving them that ragtag feeling. Of course I should really be on the side of the British but ah well!

Colonial Militia

Continental Infantry Box

A lot of folk are very interested in these miniatures and Wargames Factory appear to have got everything sorted with their sculpting too. There have been sets in the past that have felt a bit wooden but these seem a lot more natural.

Do these appeal to you?

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