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Ready New CONGO Boxed Sets For Expeditions By Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry have joined forces with Studio Tomahawk to supply wargamers with a number of different boxed sets for CONGO.

Old Scots Get Dug Out Of The Archives By Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry were digging around in the archives and found this set of Will Hannah Scotsmen that never saw the light of day until now.

Wargames Foundry Has A Halloween Treat In Ozzy The Orc


Wargames Foundry has a special treat in store for everyone this Halloween.

Wargames Foundry Finds Some Lost Tribesmen!


Wargames Foundry has discovered another previously “lost” range this time those of early American Indians.

What Was Old is New Again With Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry has announced that they will make all of their discontinued miniatures available again.

Darrell Unearths Fantasy Foundry’s Resurrectionists


Darrell gets himself some Foundry Fantasy
Resurrectionists to add to his growing collection of victoriana minis. But what faction has caught your eye?

Wargames Foundry & Jake Thornton Become Gods Of Battle


Check out some news for the upcoming game, Gods of Battle by Jake Thornton.

Wargames Foundry’s Police on Penny Farthing Bikes


Darrell calls on the coppers riding their Penny Farthing Bikes from Foundry Fantasy. I wonder what the response time is?

A Bar Fight on the Docks? Must be the Ex Sailors From Wargames Foundry!!!


Darrell gets out some Ex Sailors for a bit of a brawl down
on the docks from Wargames Foundry.

Chinese Gangsters From Wargames Foundry


Darrell breaks out the Chinese Tongs miniatures from Wargames Foundry. Will these sword wielding gangsters make the cut in Darrell’s Empire of the Dead forces?

Wargames Foundry Unleash the Dark Age Classic Collection


Wargames Foundry head back to the 80’s with this classic collection of Vikings and Normans.

Foundry Fantasy Swat Team Alpha Unboxed


Darrell talks to Sam about some cool S.W.A.T. team miniatures from the guys over at Foundry Fantasy.

Wargames Foundry – Victorian Armed Gentlemen


They cut a dash, but what can you use them for?

Darrell has some ideas for utilising these distinguished adventurers for one of his favourite new games.

Anarchists Victoriana Miniature Range From Foundry Fantasy


Darrell brings out some of the Anarchists Victoriana Miniature’s from Foundry Fantasy , perhaps a perfect little set to bulk out your Empires of the Dead faction.

God of Battles On the Horizon from Foundry Miniatures


Will you head to the land of Aren and join the fight in God of Battles?

Minotaurs from Foundry Fantasy

6 years ago 6

If you need some extra mythological minotaur action for your Tribes of Legend game, then check out these models from Fantasy Foundry.

Oltramontani Knight Command from Fantasy Foundry

6 years ago 5

Darrell takes a look at some of the fantastic Renaissance Cavalry from Fantasy Foundry, perfect for a game of Condottiere.

Foundry Fantasy Amazons for Tribes of Legend


Darrell takes a look at some fearsome fantasy warrior women from Foundry Fantasy.

Condottiere & Artist by Foundry Fantasy


Darrell takes a look at some of the fabulous Condottiere model… with his attendant artist… from Foundry Fantasy.

Well Dressed Ogres from Foundry Fantasy


Not all Ogres need to be dressed in blood drenched rags! Some are pictures of sartorial elegance, like these from Foundry Fantasy.

Unleash the Chimera for Tribes of Legend!


Darrell takes a look at the fearsome Chimera from Foundry Fantasy… brand new for Tribes of Legend!

Siege the Walls and Grind the Bones with Foundry Fantasy


Foundry Fantasy have released some new models for both their Condottiere and Fantasy ranges. See what you think of these new additions.

Wargames Foundry Unleash the Beasts & Gods of Myth


Delve into the myths and legends of the Greek world with Wargames Foundry.

Pre-order Tribes of Legend Today


Wargames Foundry’s new rules for playing games based around Greek mythology is now available to pre-order. Welcome to Tribes of Legend!

Wargames Foundry’s New Spanish for Condottiere


Wargames Foundry have got some new renaissance era Spanish miniatures for use in Condottiere.

Skeleton Warriors from Foundry Miniatures


Darrell finds a cool little set from Foundry that’s perfect for some unit fillers in your Fantasy army.

Wargames Foundry New Marlburian French Collection


Wargames Foundry have released the third collection in their selection of troops for Marlborough’s armies.

Condottiere in the Spotlight


Andy and Darrell take a look at the latest rules from Wargames Foundry… the historical romp… Condottiere!

Wargames Foundry Tribes of Legend Collection


Wargames Foundry have host of new releases for their upcoming game book Tribes of Legend, wargames set in the world of Greek mythology.

Dwarven Forge from Wargames Foundry


Darrell has tracked down another miniature that’s suitable for his (criminally underused) Dwarf Army… a Dwarven Forge from Wargames Foundry.

Exclusive Look at the Servants of the Gods!


Check out some of the upcoming mythological monsters that can be used to thwart the efforts of those demi-gods of legend… courtesy of Wargames Foundry!

Wargames Foundry’s New Condottiere Rulebook


Fancy some Renaissance era warfare? Well Wargames Foundry have what you need with their new rulebook, Condottiere The Dogs of War.

New Renaissance Italians from Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry have a huge range of historical, sci-fi and fantasy miniatures, but have a look at their latest release… Renaissance Italians.

Do you need more Pirates?


I was asked if there were any African and Asian pirate models. Of course there are me hearties!

Check out Wargames Foundry, they have 19 different sets of pirate models, including characters from Treasure island and some you may never have thought of.

Axe Troll From Wargames Foundry


Darrell takes a look at the mighty Axe Troll, from Wargames Foundry.

Witches Coven from Wargames Foundry


Darrell checks out another set from the guy’s at Wargames Foundry this time it’s a Witches Coven… these might make a cool unit filler for your fantasy army or a diorama to show off your painting skills.

Giant Hill Troll Throwing Rock from Wargames Foundry


Darrell unboxes another of the great miniatures from
Wargames Foundry. This time he’s got a Giant Hill Troll Throwing Rock… this is one big nasty looking guy.

What Scale is that Dwarf?


Andy has a look at some of the Dwarf models available from various miniatures companies and compares their scale.

Furrozek Filthfinger and his Stone Thrower


Darrell checks out Furrozek Filthfinger and his Stone Thrower from the guys over at Wargames Foundry.