New Wellington Up For Pre-Order For Wargames Illustrated

March 14, 2017 by stvitusdancern

Wargames Illustrated has a new offering up for pre-order for their Giants in Miniature Collection, the Duke of Wellington. One of the heroes of Waterloo and many other campaigns for the British Empire.


The miniature is outfitted in what his uniform would have been during his time in India and the Peninsular Campaign (he must have been cooking in that coat, style before function).  Wargames Illustrated go on to describe him this way:

"Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington. Arguably, one of Britain’s greatest commanders, famous for his success on the battlefields of the world, from India to Belgium, Assaye to Waterloo. We’ve chosen to depict him in the ‘campaign dress’ he adopted during his time in India and wore throughout the Peninsular Campaign, the blue coat, white trousers and tall riding boots most often associated with him.

Famous for his eye for ‘ground’, he is shown making use of a telescope, perhaps spying out a suitable area of high ground to place his regiments upon. Often reserved but always exuding an inner confidence, he was a commander that both valued and cursed his men in equal measure."

Wellington (Battle)

It is a nice miniature and could be used as a pleasant distraction for painting. Any historical player or fan would really enjoy it, I know I will as I ordered mine today. This miniature is in 28mm scale.

Do you have a favourite stand alone historical miniature?

"One of the heroes of Waterloo and many other campaigns for the British Empire..."

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