Monday: Wargaming Gossip 26th July 2010

July 26, 2010 by warzan

Chapterhouse Studios have a whole bunch of new bits and bobs added to their conversion kits line. Check out the Spacewolf Rhino options below - even Darrell is finding these hard to resist:

Also here is a shield option for the Iron Hands:

Zenit Miniatures have a couple of new releases out for Nemesis a game licences under creative commons, meaning its basically opensource, and expandible by the community (nice!), anyway meet Graft and Meck below:

Can't get enough of the Island of Blood build-up, GamesWorkshop have added a nice post exploring the set in a bit more detail and even answering a few questions - Like no mini rulebook available separately ;o) (yeah we knew that was coming!) Check Out: A Blog of Two Gamers; Your questions answered

Of course if you still haven't had enough, head on over to Warseer for even more Pics of what must be the best box set to-date!

Ever wondered about the best (and worst) strategies for Wargame Tournaments? Well those uber guys over at BoLS have you covered in this article where they explore just that: The Best and Worst Strategies for Tournament Play

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