Warhammer 40K 6th Ed. out June 30th? Psychic Power Changes?

June 19, 2012 by beerogre

Warhammer 40K 6th Ed. out June 30th? - Psychic Power Changes

That's right guys, we've heard from some very reputable sources that June 30th is the date that you can get your hands on the brand spanking new Warhammer 40K 6th Edition Rulebook.

We can't (of course) be 100% sure that what you are about to read is true, so take it with a pinch of salt... however... this source has always done us proud int he past.

The new hardback version is rumored to be a whopping £45, for a lavish 452 pages... what's that? 9p a page... a bargain! But not if you only want the rules, because I'm told you're getting a big chunk of the book devoted to miniatures, battlefields and all the images you've come to expect from a copy of White Dwarf.

I'm also assured that the rulebook promises to provide some of the background to the 40K universe... will this include a revision to the storyline?

Our sources won't say, but if you're really keen on 40K, you might be interested in the (individually numbered) premium collectors edition of the rulebook, that will come in it's own slip-case (for a whopping £80!), designed to look like a Gothic reliquary (or... box!), with some kind of hidden panel that slides out to reveal the book.

Still not convinced? Then what about a "Gamers Edition", complete with a leather(ette) handbag... I mean satchel... to hold your rulebook and the other widgets you get with the kit. I've been told there's a Munitorum Pin in the shape of a Imperial Eagle or a Chaos Star included, so that you can identify yourself as a confident gamer who can wear a handbag, decorated with a badge... BAM! TAKE THAT PRIVATEER PRESS!!!

The £75 (did I not mention that?) Gamers Kit probably comes with a set of red Munitorum Dice (or... dice!) and a Lazgun Pack shaped tin (or... a tin!) to put in your 40K handbag... lavish!

Could the GW line be the next highstreet fashion accessory?

Allegedly, this new Gamers Edition Kit is only available from the GW website, I couldn't imagine why they wouldn't want them in the stores...however, the big question is... how long until they are counterfeited in the Far East?

Of course there would have to be new printed Munitorum Templates (or... templates!) printed, probably in some sort of silvered plastic with whizzy lightning bolts on them... I would guess for about £12... or you could get a skull-shaped... sorry... servoskull shaped Munitorum Tape Measure (or... tape measure!), but I'm sure all you guys already have a novelty tape measure... don't cha?

You will also be able to buy some funky Munitorium Dice (again... dice!) with gothic designs on them, along with objective markers in the shape of servo skulls... but most interestingly, there will be Battlefield Objective dice (with a similar design to the other dice) that will help to indicate and generate primary and secondary mission... that's right! 6th Edition will have the potential for primary and secondary objectives to help drive the narrative!

There is also a whisper that there will be new Vehicle Damage Dice for AP1, AP2 and AP3 shots... what's that you say... new dice!

Does it look like you will have to buy new dice to play 40K?

Well... no, but these dice will help generate and indicate damage to vehicles.... although you never know... you still might need to get your wallet out!

But what about the biggest rumor... the changes to Psychic Powers?

Well it's been hinted at, that Psychic Powers are now going to be divided into 6 disciplines (Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis & Telepathy) and each Pskyer in the 40K universe will have access to a limited number of them, lending credence to the rumour that 40K psychic powers are going the way of Fantasy Battle magic.

Of course the changes to psychic powers should be detailed in the rulebook, but the smart money says you will probably be able to buy a deck of Psychic Power Cards (just like in Fantasy Battle!)... so you can all look forward to the demise of some of those powerful psychic based lists

(Darrell sheds a tear for his "Jaws of the Wolf Spam")

So what do you think guys?

Is this a direction you wanted the game to go in?

What will happen to your army list?

It now looks like it might be worth me taking a Weird Boy in my Ork army again!

Tell us what you think... we want to know!

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