40k Blood Angels Strike Out In Force With New Pre-Orders!

December 5, 2014 by brennon

The Blood Angels have descended in force from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000. See what you think of the new units coming your way and of course the new Codex with some amazing artwork by Raymond Swanland once again...

Codex Blood Angels

Codex Blood Angels (Ltd)

First up are the Codex options for you to consider. There is the standard Codex that you're used to with the nice cover art or the Limited Edition one that looks like a rather fancy coffee table book instead.

Sanguinary Priest

Blood Angel Tactical Squad

Sanguinary Guard

Death Company

Of course you can't have the release of a new Codex without some of the miniatures as well and on top of the new Sanguinary Priest we have the rather spiffing looking Tactical Marines and some Sanguinary Guard and Death Company for added measure all on those new bases that people have got a bit bent out of shape about.

Blood Angel Dice


On the peripheral side of things they had some rather nice looking Blood Angel Dice and the Data Cards too although the dice (at time of writing) have already sold out on their webstore. You might have to see if you can get some more of them through an independent retailer if you were desperate for them.

Are you going to be playing Blood Angels now?

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