Tend To The 40K Wounded With The Sister Hospitaller

August 20, 2019 by brennon

Games Workshop has been showing off more previews of the characters coming to the new and improved Warhammer 40,000 Adepta Sororitas army this week with the introduction of the Sister Hospitaller.

Sister Hospitaller #1 - Games Workshop

The Sister Hospitaller are those who minister to the sick and dying. Every battlefield will claim the lives of one or more Sisters Of Battle and when they are wounded the Sister Hospitaller will try to heal their wounds and get them back into the fight. When a Sister is beyond saving, however, like in the case of this unfortunate soul, then the Hospitaller will administer a final benediction and send her off into the void to serve The Emperor in a different way.

Sister Hospitaller #2 - Games Workshop

A lot of detail has been worked into this sculpt to make it more of a vignette. I like that it tells you a story and builds on the idea of these Sister Hospitaller as both medics and holy figures at the same time. I imagine you could create some absolutely stunning dioramas with this model and I would bet Golden Demon is going to be full of Adepta Sororitas once they release.

There are also callbacks to the original model in this design and you'll find an alternative head in the pack which enables you to add the rebreather mask that she originally wore. Also, the model this time has been entirely clad in Adepta Sorortias Power Armour rather than a cut down version of it.

The warrior nun look is certainly in full effect across everything we've seen from them so far.

Are you tempted by this new addition?

"I would bet Golden Demon is going to be full of Adepta Sororitas once they release..."

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