How 6th Edition 40K Plays! (If this book is real)

January 13, 2012 by warzan

So a erm... 'package' of supposed rules for 40K has been floating around for a couple of days.

In the studio we've been trawling through them to get a feel for what they are about.

Sources have told us that there is some weak denials (calling it a fake) coming from certain massive corners of the industry.

It may well be fake, but we find that harder to believe than it not being a fake because of the volume of work involved.

We know pretty much for certain that 6thED is actually in production at this moment, and the file circulating has a time stamp of May 2011 (easily faked though!).

So authenticity aside how would it play and what is new in this rule set, and even if it is a fake is it a better game?

Watch the vid and draw your own conclusions.

If This Book is Real Here's How 6th Edition 40K Will Play!

I remember when 5th ED leaked, it was a stage further than this document as a number of the diagrams had made it in. I suppose for me the question is, if its not authentic, then who wrote it - because based on our look over it - you sir are hired! 😉 (But you need an editor mate to tidy up the 'mattwardian' style grammatical errors!)

We ask you to vote on something at the end of the vid, so if you don't watch it all skip ahead and then cast your vote below!

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