Andy’s First 40K Tournament

January 7, 2012 by beerogre

That's right! Today Andy plays his first 40K tournament EVER!

Darrell has persuaded me to go to the superb Arkham Gaming Centre to play in their Dominion Day Tournament.

It's a day of 1000pt matches... 5 in all, plated on 4'x4' tables... where competators will battle it out for a very grand prize!

If you've seen our videos about the event, you'll know the rules for the day are pretty strict.

You have 1000pts... you must take 1 HQ and 2 Troop choices... but you can't take more than 1 of any particular unit!

This also means you can't take "sounds like" units. So Venerable Dreadnoughts and ordinary Dreadnoughts are considered to be the same thing as are Land Raider variants and all that jazz.

I'll be playing Grey Knights and my list will consist of:

- HQ -

"The Black Knight" - Grey Knight Grand Master

- Master Crafted Storm Bolter

- Master Crafted Nemesis Force Sword

- Psykotrope Grenades

- Rad Grenades

- Elites -

Tech Marine

- Psykotrope Grenades

- Rad Grenades

- Servoskull (x2)

- Storm Bolter

- Troops -

Grey Knight Terminators

X1 - Terminator Justicar

- Master Crafted Nemesis Force Sword

- Master Crafted Storm Bolter

x3 - Grey knight Terminators

- Nemesis Force Sword

X1 - Grey Knight Terminator

- Nemesis Daemon Hammer

- Psycannon

+4 - Grey Knight Terminators

- Nemesis Force Sword

+1 - Grey Knight Terminator

- Nemesis Daemon Hammer

- Psycannon

Grey Knight Strike Squad

x1 - Grey Knight Justicar

- Nemesis force Halberd

x4 - Grey Knights

- Nemesis Force Halberd

+3 - Grey Knights

- Nemesis Force Halberd

The pics are of my terminators, painted using the "Romain Darmon Patented Speed Painting Technique"... well the Black Knight wasn't speed painted, but the others were... It's just a pity I didn't get more finished!

So far, Darrell's list has remained top secret... but I'll make sure to post it as soon as I can.

I'll be taking my camera with me, so expect a video about our day very soon.

Feel free to savage my list... but remember... you can only have one unit of each type. So posting that I should have more termies is pointless.

If I could have more, I would have as many as I could!

Good luck to all on the day...

-- Update --

Well, what a great day... a long day... but a great one!

We started at 9:30am and went right through to 10:00pm, playing 5 games.

I started out badly, then got a great result in the Kill Points mission. Slid back a bit then got pipped at the post in the last Victory Point Annihilation game... 12pts in it... damn those cheap-assed Orks!

Congratulations to the winners and all the players. Thanks to the guys at Arkham for making it great day and to Jonny for organising the event. Thanks also have to go to Phil from Arkham who kept 34 players fed and watered with runs to the chippy and sandwich shop... 5 games takes lots of calories to maintain!

The trophy was won by the mighty Yan with his unstoppable Orks... some might say the trophy was delivered with his name already engraved on it... however, these accusations have not been verified.

Here's the final results and the armies used. Darrell and I will film a video of our experiences and we'll show you guys some pictures of the day.

Cheers all!

Watch out for the next get-together... Winter War!

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