Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Four]

July 25, 2019 by lloyd

As we gain closer traction to the 40k Weekend, Lloyd and the gang are up to their elbows in Wallpaper, Archon Terrain and Army Painter Dip.

Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Four]

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After building most of the terrain together and finalising a layout for the tables, we're finally in the end game of our hobby. Drafting in a few recruits to aid us in the build we've been pushing through testing out various dips from the Army Painter and getting those battleboards ready for some hard wear and tear from the 40k players.

Not only that but we erect the giant centerpiece to loom over and intimidate anyone who comes close, filling in the gaps with smaller Archon terrain pieces, they're perfect for this project and we're excited to send over our wishlist of what we need to see next!

What kind of scatter would you include on these tables?

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