Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Five]

July 30, 2019 by lloyd

The 40k Weekend looms closer and we're finally reaching the last stages of our epic Apocalypse Gaming Table. Starting the painting progress on the Archon Terrain we can finally see the end in sight.

Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Five]

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After our last vlog showcased what our ideas for layout were, we've been hard at work painting up the last of the road ways, Archon Terrain and planning a few extra details along the way.

We've even recruited in some awesome volunteers to help us, @buggeroff kindly donated some of his time out of his lovely holidays in the North Coast to aid us making some awesome looking sandbags for scatter terrain around the tabletops.

Warren's even been looking at how he can light up the sky with a few concoctions he's been brewing up from Thingiverse.

Keep in mind we've been asking YOU what you would like to see from the 40k weekend, get your comments in and perhaps we'll have more content than you could shake a large sci-fi heresy stick at!


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