Black Library Bring a Codex for the Iron Hands of Clan Raukaan

November 18, 2013 by dracs

The Space Marines of the Iron Hands chapter, famous for their heavy use of biomechanical augmentations, characteristically belong to one of the ten great clans of Medusa. Now Clan Raukaan of those clans is getting its own digital Codex from Black Library.

Clan Raukaan

Clan Raukaan Marine

The idea of a codex dealing with specific clan within the Iron Hands is interesting as it provides us with a look at a characterful sub-faction within the main chapter, a different approach to the army books than that which Games Workshop has taken in the past.

As with the other digital codexes published by Black Library, the Clan Raukaan codex will complete with new rules, fluff and interactive miniatures galleries, providing you all the information you need to theme an arm around the most aggressive of the ten Clans.

Clan Raukaan Art

Clan Raukaan Army

Do any of you field an army of Iron Hands? What do you think of these new digital edition army books?

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