Black Library Delve into the Macharian Crusade

May 23, 2012 by dracs

The Macharian Crusade: Angel of Fire, the new book from Black Library legend William King, is now up for pre-order!

Black Library - The Macharian Crusade Angel of Fire

"At the dawn of the forty-first millennium, Lord Commander Macharius and his forces embark upon the re-conquest of over a thousand worlds. A man of steel and fire, Macharius is the only one with the will to lead the massed armies of the Imperium to victory. As the crusade rolls onwards, it reaches the world of Karsk. In the city of Irongrad, the Imperial forces face the crusade’s end, unless Macharius and his army can defeat the dreaded Angel of Fire."

The book deals with one of the great legends of the Imperial Guard, Lord Solar Macharius.

Games Workshop - Lord Solar Macharius

This book also represents William King's first attempt to write a book from the perspective of the Imperial Guard, so it will be interesting to see how he treats them and how it compares to his previous works concerning Space Wolves and Eldar among others.

Will any of you be pre-ordering this? What is your opinion on William King as a writer?

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