Black Library Treads the Path of the Incubus

February 13, 2013 by dracs

It's time to explore the the dark streets of the dark city of Commorragh in Black Library's new Dark Eldar novel Path of the Incubus.

Path of the Incubus

Written by Andy Chambers, the novel focuses around a disgraced Incubus who must try and regain his honour after being blamed for casting the whole of the Dark Eldar city into upheaval and turmoil.

If this still isn't enough Dark Eldar for you than why not download the new Dark Eldar Ebook Bellathonis and the Shadow King, also written by Andy Chambers.


Dark Eldar have traditionally been viewed as an inscrutable and totally alien race, so it will be interesting to get a closer look into their motives and society. I personally intend to download the short story to see how well the Dark Eldar can be the main focus of a story.

Who among you play Dark Eldar?

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