Bolster Your Deathwatch Army With New 40k Releases

August 13, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop have added some more units with upgrade kits that you can use to bolster your Deathwatch army in Warhammer 40,000. Characters are the key focus of this force and so it seems apt to start with them...

Deathwatch Terminator Captain

Things kick off with the Deathwatch Terminator Captain that you can see above. He looks like quite the stalwart veteran and that sword is rather awesome. Following on from him we also have the a regular Deathwatch Captain who is running around in your standard Power Armour.

Deathwatch Captain

There are going to be variants within these upgrade kits so while you might be thinking that your Captain might end up looking the same as everyone else's; you can switch bits around. Also, it's a Space Marine so raid your bitz box for more pieces!

Hit The Road

As well as the characters we've also got some bigger vehicles for you to consider. Any good Space Marine goes into battle within a Rhino so Games Workshop have added one.

Deathwatch Rhino & Razorback

If you want to rock up into battle with something a bit more destructive then you can also check out the Landraider too.

Deathwatch Landraider

So there you have it. Some heavily armoured options for you to roll around with when it comes to battles. If you want to support your foot troops too then you can also pick up some Deathwatch Bikers too.

Deathwatch Bikers

Not bad right? Space Marine Bikes have always been somewhat of a weird one but when you hear about how they work - essentially just ramming into you with guns blazing like a ceramite battering ram - they suddenly get a lot cooler.

Kill Team Reporting

As I mentioned at the start of this piece character is where it's at when it comes to Deathwatch. So, you can also now pick up Kill Team Cassius from Overkill on their own.

Kill Team Cassius

It comes with all the characters as you can see as well as a few extra bits and pieces. I have to say that I was surprised the bundled them all together like this. I would have liked to see them sold separately so I could pick up one or two for my role-playing group.

Ah well! A nice set all the same.

What will you be picking up?

"I would have liked to see them sold separately so I could pick up one or two for my role-playing group..."

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