Cheese Hunters: Swampy and The Techmarine of Doom

January 10, 2013 by warzan

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With the new studio now up and running we thought it was time to get one of the local veterans on camera to show us one of the dirty tactics that has a special place in his heart.
Joining Warren is local cheese monger Swampy, with what is probably one of the greatest pieces of nasty cheese I've ever seen, involving the Black Templar’s codex and one very angry looking Techmarine…

Cheese Hunters: Swampy and The Techmarine of Doom

Cheese Hunters is another of the show formats we are introducing (or experimenting with), this particular show is slotted in for a Thursday evening UK time. It's an opportunity to explore some of the more broken aspects of gaming (and fire up our Nerd Rage) but I think its also a worthwhile show for picking up some interesting tactical information. So hopefully its not going to be ALL about the Meta Game.

I had fun with Swampy, who is definitely a devious character and I'm looking forward to getting him and Darrell in the same place (although it does worry me in a Gozer/Key Master kind of way!)

Anyway, as with the other show types, we'll let it find its feet and are open to suggestions! So whether you know the tactic/list or not, feel free to comment below!

Enjoy... (And Thanks to Swampy for Stepping into the Breach with us, I'm looking forward to more!)


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