Classic Chaos Sorcerers Wield Mighty Magics In 40K

July 22, 2019 by brennon

If you like the style of the old Chaos Sorcerers for use in your Warhammer 40,000 force then you're in luck! Three of the old models are going to be available as part of the Made To Order scheme from this Saturday over on the Games Workshop webstore.

Chaos Sorcerers Made To Order - Games Workshop

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Whilst things have moved on in terms of sculpting style it's good to see some of these classic models still getting some love. I had the fellow at the back whose helmet is very much just one big spike. They remind me of the wild colours that you would have seen on the front of old codexes and Black Library books!

Considering the forces of Chaos have been fighting the Imperium and the False Emperor for hundreds and hundreds of years it makes sense that some of your Sorcerers might have retained their old look. If you gave these an updated paint scheme, they'd fit right in.

"I was into Chaos before it was cool..."

What do you make of these three Chaos Sorcerers?

"I was into Chaos before it was cool..."

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