New Codex & Sneaking Skitarii Released For The Adeptus Mechanicus

April 3, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop continue to push the Adeptus Mechanicus out of the Forge World of Mars with some new additions to the range including the new Skitarii Ruststalkers & Infiltrators, and of course a new Codex for you to check out for Warhammer 40,000...

Steel Stealth

First up we have the awesome looking Ruststalkers and Infiltrators we talked about earlier in the week and saw some more images and rules for earlier today...



I think these are some great looking additions to the range and love that they have something human about them but crossed with an insect-style appearance. The rules for them are pretty deadly too and you can check them out in the White Dwarf out over the weekend.

Codex Time

Of course the Codex is also out for the Skitarii and you can see it here in both it's Standard format and the Limited Edition version which comes with all kinds of extra gubbins to make it worth your while.


Limited Edition

While these Limited Edition versions of the army books and codices might not sound like a great idea when you hold one in your hand it does feel like you got your moneys worth. In addition don't forget to check out the Data Cards that always seem to sell out quickly!

Data Cards

What are you going to pick up from Games Workshop this week?

Let us know below!

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