Codex: Space Marines iPad Edition!

June 2, 2012 by brennon

Darrell and Warren said it would probably happen, and happen it did. Games Workshop have taken their first steps into the world of Digital Books with new Codices and other material now available from the iBookstore. Check out the video above...

Codex: Space Marines on iPad

As you might imagine from the video above Space Marines are leading the way with this revolution. Codex: Space Marines is the first full book on their iBookstore and includes the new Stormtalon in its pixel pages. But that's not all...

Games Workshop Digital Bookshelf

They have also released a number of other files for you to grab hold of. Most prevalent of all are their Scrolls of Binding for monsters in Storm of Magic. Their release schedule looks to be fairly quick, with a new Army Book, Codex or piece of gaming material available each month.

You can check out more information on this launch here.

The main thing to look at is how this might work for you guys out there in the wargaming community. With the need for a device that could includes either an iPad with iOS 5 or later, an Apple ID and the iBooks 2 app will people be begging to pick these up?

Is there any substitute for a good old physical rulebook?

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