Commanders & Sci-Fi Minotaurs from Forge World

June 8, 2012 by brennon

The Forge World Newsletter is out once again and brings with it some Space Marine goodies. Check out the new Command Kit below as well a some Minotaur Etched Brass Logos for personalising your marines.

MK IV Commander

MK IV Commander & Standard Bearer

MK IV Standard Bearer

The set contains two models allowing you to make both a Standard Bearer and Commander in Maximus armour. I love the cloaks draped across both models giving them that regal look. Obviously there doesn't appear to be a lot of 'battle drama' in these models but maybe with a bit of conversion that would be solved.

Minotaurs Etched Brass Logos

Next up are the Minotaur Brass pieces. Great for adding onto single models or bigger tanks. If you really love your Ancient Greek styled Space Marines then this could be for you.

Will you be partaking in some Forge World goodies?

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