Community Painting Picks – Dragon Riders & The WWII Japanese!

December 4, 2015 by brennon

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It's time to check out some more Community Painting Picks from our Painting & Hobby section of the forums. I've snapped up five of the most interesting miniatures I've seen on my travels but my all means if you have any models you think deserve a bit of recognition pop them in the comments below!

Wight King By sumchien

First up we take a look at one of my favourite miniatures from the last update to the Vampire Counts. I always loved the look of Wights in Warhammer Fantasy and the thought of using them as leaders instead of Vampires was always an interesting prospect.

sumchein - Wight King

You lose some of the flexibility but they look awesome and provide an awesome theme to build an army on. The painting here by sumchien has managed to create a nice contrast between the worn and rusted armour and the magical blue colour that flows throughout the cloak.

This gives the model a really vibrant look on the tabletop but also retains some of the crumbling ancient feel you wouldn't want to lose. A stunning model and a great paint job!

British Infantry By suetoniuspaullinus

Keeping with the modern warfare theme we have some work on British Infantry by suetoniuspaulinnus who always provides us with some interesting Historical projects to gawp at.

suetoniuspaullinus - British Infantry

I really like the realistic style that he's gone for here and I'm always blown away by the way in which he achieves worn and weathered looks on his models. It gives the models a very interesting look on the tabletop and gets you right into the spirit to play with them.

He has done more work on these models and models like them over on the forums so if you're interested check it out HERE.

Predators By minigiant

Here we're looking at some of the work that has done into making these Predators from the Prodos board game pop. These are some great miniatures and provide you with a chance to try out some interesting and vibrant colour schemes when it comes to alien skin.

minigiant - Predators

If you look closely at the third model (far right) then you'll notice that he has managed to retain the webbing or lattice look of the Predator skin which is looking very nice indeed! I think I still prefer my Predators to keep their helmets on however.

Japanese Infantry By martin45

We step away from Sci-Fi for a moment to check out these World War II models by martin45. Here you can see some Japanese Soldiers with a good covering of camouflage to keep them hidden from the enemy. I can imagine that most of the time their order dice are set to Ambush in Bolt Action!

martin45 - Japanese Infantry

I really like the additional foliage that has been added to these base to really tie them into their theatre of war in the Pacific islands. While this then means it looks awkward in other tabletop settings it helps tie the army together as a coherent whole and that's what you're looking for with basing.

You can see more of this World War II project on the forums.

Lord Celestant on Dracoth By brydeemer

Last but not least from the community we have brydeemer's work on his Lord Celestant on Dracoth from Age of Sigmar. I think this is a rather awesome model and had a lot of fun painting mine. The classic Stormcast Eternal paint scheme has been used here and he's managed to leave a nice level of distinction between rider and beast.

brydeemer - Lord Celestant on Dracoth

I like the additional level of highlighting that has gone onto the cloak of the Lord Celestant and he's really pulled out all the stops when it comes to the armour too. I approve of the basing choices too as it's hard to get a model that big right!

I went for a similar sandy/blasted wasteland look with small outcrops of vegetation. I think it works well as a contrast to the brightly coloured model.

Kurtha Sedd/Dark Apostle by brennon

My addition to the Community Painting Picks for this entry is some more of the work that I've been putting in on the Betrayal At Calth set. I took the Traitor side and so thought it was a good idea to paint up the Dark Apostle as a change from painting infantry.

Dark Apostle

I'm pretty proud of the work here, trying to tie his equipment into the rest of the 'army' but also do something different with the cloak. I went for a duel-coloured cloak with dark red on one side and a dull white on the other. I even went as far as to try a bit of highlighting!

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"I always loved the look of Wights in Warhammer Fantasy..."

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"I like the additional level of highlighting that has gone onto the cloak of the Lord Celestant and he's really pulled out all the stops when it comes to the armour too."

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