Community Painting Picks – Heroes, Zombies & Dragon Towers

February 10, 2016 by brennon

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It's that time again as we look at some of the painting that our community have been doing over the past few weeks. We've got some real gems from the Hobby & Painting Forum and as always within the thread called What Are You Painting Now? which continues to grow in popularity by the day...

Dragon Prince By brushstroke

First off we have this very well painted Dragon Prince for the High Elves of Warhammer Fantasy by brushstroke. It's fantastic to see the model done in green rather than the blue that we're used to seeing. I really like the work on the armour plating to make it look well crafted.

brushstroke - Dragon Prince

As I've mentioned in the past the base can really help make a model and I think this is certainly the case here. The action of the horse makes sense now that he's included the stone at the front. The additional different heights and types of grass and flowers give it a very natural look.

PanO Infinity Models By onlyonepinman

onlyonepinman has been working on his Infinity. While there are other models from this range to check out over on the forums I picked this one out for the work done on making the lights look like they are glowing.

onlyonepinman - PanO

The armour segments also look nicely defined and the dark blue of the gun is refreshing rather than just regular black - it keeps things within the overall scheme. Some nice work has been done on the Sci-Fi flooring. It's always a challenge to work out how to base miniatures in Sci-Fi when it's not all grim dark.

Heer MG42 By piers

piers continues to show off some skills as he paints up this MG42 team for use in World War II wargaming. I like that this lot are actually in the process of moving around rather than being properly set up. I particularly liked the details on the uniforms to not just make them look the standard 'grey'. The facial details have also been picked out well too.

piers - Heer MG42

I would actually go to the trouble of having both this set for a moving team and another one for when they are set up. Extra thumbs up from me for taking the picture within a Normandy-like setting. They appear to have found a nice spot outside of a church.

Dominus By tharagon

Getting back to the world of Warhammer 40,000 we have this Dominus by tharagon. We really love his faction from the grim dark future and it's always fun seeing what people do with them.

tharagon - Dominus

I really liked the look of all the glowing parts of this Dominus when I picked it out. You can see it faintly around the plasma gun at his arm and around the contraptions atop his back. It's also neat to see that he went for blue as the colour of the cloak which almost gives it a traditional 'undead' feel.

Black Plague Heroes & Villains By silverstars

Showing us that perseverance is the key to progress we have this full set of Black Plague heroes and villains from silverstar for Zombicide. I particularly wanted to focus on the heroes that have been worked on which all look nicely individual but also tied together within the one set with their muted tones.

Silverstars - Black Plague Set

I particularly like the work on the Dwarf and the Rogue but the Wizard also gets a big thumbs up. You could very easily see these being used for role-playing characters once you've finished with the zombie invasion. You can take a look at some more of his work on the What Are You Painting Now? thread.

Dragon Tower By hephesto

Now we're back to the Ridend as we close out this round of Painting Picks. Here we have a fantastic Dragon Tower which is one of the biggest pieces from their range. I love the look of the feathers here and the big bold primary colours. It makes a change from the drarker colours we're used to seeing in Fantasy.

hephesto - Dragon Tower

Once again hephesto has some more images of his Ridend force over on the forums so if you'd like to see more you can by checking it out HERE.

As always if you have some work that you'd like to show off then we'd love to see it. Come and share your projects - be they early in their lives or coming to an end. So many of our community members are really friendly and ready to offer advice and more on all of the work you've been doing.

Get involved!

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