Community Spotlight: Corrupted Rhinos, Dark Angel squads & Dueling Cowboys

August 25, 2017 by lancorz

This week in our Community Spotlight, it's been pretty heavily influenced by Warhammer however we're still getting some awesome little quirky projects on the side and with some amazing results to boot.

Each week we sleuth over the forums to find the best hobby projects that have been posted up from the past week. The Hobby & Painting Forum has some amazing results and we've been blown away with some of the projects we've already witnessed at the start of the week nevermind through the weekdays.

Rhino by mwcannon

First up we have this awesome paint work on the Nurgle infested Rhino, this tentacled spectacle is something to fear in the battle, not just because of it's gruesome sight but it's deadly force on the tabletop.

The paint job is fantastic, the detail everywhere you look is great and each colour is nicely contrasted with something new to detail. Splendid work mwcannon!

Dead Mans Hand by onlyonepinman

These wild west hooligans have been sprawling out of the Hobby & Painting forums thanks to onlyonepinman, the details on these models are great, what I particularly love is their basing, each one tells a small story and I can't wait to see how they look among some terrain.

He's even been adding a nice Sepia tone to the photographs for that old timey feel to them, I feel like these would be great on some old posters for hand outs to your players as objective missions.

Awesome work on these cowboys and wild west gun slingers.

Dark Angel Force by volleyfireandy

As I mentioned before the progress some people have made since the 8th edition was announced has been unbelieveable, we wouldn't think to see the Dark Angels screeching back into the tabletop for a while but we've been pleasantly surprised, plus the detail on these tanks are amazing.

If you would like to see your work being achieved top of the leaderboards for a week, then show us what you got in the Hobby & Painting Forum, create your own topic and let your creativity run wild like a Panda in a bamboo garden centre.

We don't mind if you're a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us and everyone else to crate more content and hobby together!

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