Two New Creepy Crawlies Scuttle into Rogue Trader

February 24, 2012 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have previewed two of the new xenos menace which will be coming in the Koronus Bestiary supplement for Rogue Trader. Beware the Rak'Gol!

First of the Rak'Gol is the Abomination.

The Abominations are the highest rank of Rak'Gol and will be the ones commanding the Rak'Gol vessels and forces.

Larger and more violent than other Rak'Gol's, these crazed xenos are going to present a serious threat to your party. After all what is more scary than a lunatic with a chainsaw? An alien lunatic with a chainsaw.

If you guys want to check out these aliens head on over to Fantasy Flight's preview page.

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