Da Orkz Iz Comin’ To Da World Of Warhammer 40kz!

May 27, 2014 by brennon

The world of Warhammer 40,000 sounds like it's going to be rocked by the thunderous footfall of thousands of Orks if the rumours and crazy leaks are anything to go by. We'll kick things off with the rather massive Gorkanaut that's taking to the battlefield as their 'big guy' for the new codex. The images stem from La Taberna de Laurana and Grot Orderly...


We've seen this kind of beast before in larger form with vehicles like the Stompa but this looks to be a nice fit between the two sitting between the Deff Dredd/Killa Kan and the massive aforementioned walker. I love the insane Ork feel to it and the range of different adornments you can add to this from your bitz box means it could well be the new ultimate expression of Ork customisation.

The whole thing is covered in guns and actually also works as a transport as well. Of course it's not going to be as fast as one of their Trukks but it will certainly keep them safer as they cross the battlefield facing down against enemies with a myriad of t-shirt save defying guns. A neat vehicle with a good sense of Orkish charm.

Morkanaut Vs Imperial Knight

You can even see this beast of a vehicle going up against an Imperial Knight here and I can imagine this being a fairly common sight on the battlefield. Of course it's not going to just be these two scrapping it out but with a switch to 'bigger is better' and Unbound army lists allowing for any kind of army imaginable maybe we could just have a big guy brawl on the tabletop?

Ork Codex Cover

As well as the miniature being a tease for the upcoming Codex we have this image circulating which could well be the cover for the new Ork Codex. It certainly has all the hallmarks of one of their covers and could well be the continued work of Raymond Swanland.

It's a very cool piece of cover art and fits in well with the look and feel of the others. I've enjoyed this way of doing the Codices with a single figure on the front epitomising the race. It looked great with the Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine codices for example.

Oh and if you'd like to see the official word on the green tide check out the teaser trailer above.

Will you be embracing the Waaaaaaagh!!!?

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