The New Dark Angels Descend Upon Games Workshop

January 4, 2013 by dracs

Since their appearance in the Dark Vengeance box set last year many have been waiting eagerly for the appearance of the new Dark Angels army. Well they are finally here, but do they hold up to our expectations?

Dark Angels Codex

I'm sorry to say I am not that impressed. Put down those pitch forks!

Most of the more, er, exciting releases focus upon the mobile Ravenwing company.

As befits the Ravenwing, they are receiving two new flyer options; the Nephilim Jet Fighter

Dark Angels Nephilim Jet Fighter

and the Ravenwing Dark Talon.

Ravenwing Dark Talon

Yeah, it's just a normal flyer which flew into a cathedral and got stuck half way.

The bike units give us a little hope. The Command Squad in particular has a few nice pieces of detail.

Ravenwing Command Squad

I especially like the way in which the bikes have been modified to match the riders, such as the Apothecary's bke having that rack of medicines or gene seeds or whatever they are.

The Command Squad can also be built to be the new elite Ravenwing unit, the Black Knights.

Ravenwing Black Knights

These are nice enough, somewhat unexciting, but they do allow you to make endless Monty Python jokes whenever they suffer a wound.

Then we come to the two new Land Speeders. Hang your collective heads in shame Games Workshop.

The Land Speeder Vengeance.

Land Speeder Vengeance

Land Speeder Darkshroud.

Land Speeder Darkshroud

What is with these! There are things sticking out everywhere, they're cluttered and look a real mess. I mean the Land Speeder was never sleek, but it should at least look like it could a) get off the ground and b) stay the right way up!

Fortunately, the Deathwing has, for the most part, managed to avoid getting messed up.

As with the Ravenwing Bikers, the Deathwing Terminator Command Squad has the option to be built as either the command squad or the new elite unit of Deathwing Knights.

Deathwing Command Squad

Deathwing Knights

You know what, I rather like these Knights. They're imposing with a nice degree of detail and that iconic look which we all know and love about a Dark Angels force. You see Games Workshop, you don't have to make something bristle with guns to make a good miniature.

Then we get to the Grand Master of the Deathwing, Belial himself.


Er no. Just no. This is not what one might expect from Belial. The model is cluttered, static and the pose makes him look knock kneed. It's like he's trying to command the Deathwing while dying for the toilet.

The Interrogator-Chaplain Asmodai has come off a bit better.


In an army which has become characterised by ornate armour and decorations, Asmodai stands out as having relatively little of these trappings. I really like this way of separating him from the rest of the force as it adds to his austere design, backed up by the design of his helmet.

However, the pose is bland and unimaginative, while the skull shoulder pad is just plain goofy. It instantly takes away from the sinister severity of the model.  The pose of both Asmodai and Belial really get to me as in recent years we have become used to really exciting character designs and positions from Games Workshop. These are just a huge step backwards.

All in all I am rather disappointed by these Dark Angel releases. Anyone who knows my writing style will know I don't really like being overly critical (except where giant shoulder pads are concerned), but these are on par with the Beastmen army releases a few years ago.

Games Workshop you guys have created something which people the world over love and has introduced many to tabletop gaming, but you have too show you deserve this level of devotion and these releases just don't.

Do you think I am being too critical? Will you be placing your advance order for these new minis?

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