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Dark Angels Codex: Heavy Support


The guys get to grips with the last section of the new Dark Angels Codex with the Heavy Support section will this be the one so set there world on fire or will it be a bit of a wet squib?

The Weekender: Our Thoughts on The Wargaming Week


It's been another mad week here at BoW HQ what with Dark Angles and all the other cool stuff that's been going on, this week were joined by Templars Crusade 01 (A.K.A, Brian) from you tube to share his thoughts.

Dark Angels Codex: Fast Attack


We've checked out HQ, Troop and Elite choices for the Dark Angels but now we look into the Fast Attack options. Of course this means Bikes, Land Speeders and more! Will you be bringing any of them with you when you head off to battle?

Dark Angels Codex: The Elites


Now for the real meat of this codex with the Elites, and maybe a rant or two over the Games Workshop errata coming out 4 days after the release of the new book...

What’s in the Box: Dark Angels – Time For a Look at The New Toys!!!


The guys sit down to have a peek at the new Dark Angels kits the Ravenwing Dark Talon, the Land Speeder Vengeance, the Deathwing Command Squad and last but not least the Ravenwing Command Squad.

Dark Angels Codex: HQ Choices


The guys move to the second part of the HQ section of the new Dark Angels Codex to have a look at the custom build characters.

Painting Dark Angels Power Armour


Time for a look at a new way to paint your Dark Angels' Green Power Armour with our good buddy Dave here at Tabletop Nation.

Dark Angels Codex: Troops & Transports


Time for a look at the back bone of your beautiful looking new Dark Angels Army.

Battlefield Autopsy: Dark Angels vs. Dark Eldar


Darrell along with Andy hijack a game pitting the brand new Dark Angels against the evil Dark Eldar to bring us a first look at what the new codex has to offer.

Dark Angels Codex: HQ Characters


Kicking off our coverage of Dark Angels Week Darrell and Andy join Warren in the new Beasts of War studio to have a chat about what they think of the new codex and some of the HQ Characters that can lead your forces to victory.

Dark Angels Week Coming Soon!!!


With everyone in the studio gearing up for Dark Angels Week coming on the 21st of January, the guys thought they'd give you a sneak peek at the kind of content they will be sinking their teeth into.

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