New Dark Eldar Characters Spotted! [Updated!]

September 24, 2014 by brennon

The Dark Eldar Voidraven has been spotted out in the wild, so thanks for passing this one onto us Gavin Townsend! See what you think of this initial image of the new bomber that will be screaming across the skies...

Update: Building on what we've seen taking to the skies we also have some more images of some character miniatures that we'll be seeing soon...

Special Character #1

Special Character #2

The first of the characters is someone entirely new to the roster it seems and we don't have much news on a name or anything more. It does look decidedly more Dark Elf which is very cool and has a helmet much like those worn by the Reaver Jetbike pilots. Maybe he is tied to them in some way.

The second character could potentially be the Vect miniature folks have been waiting for but it could also just be someone new or indeed a plastic Archon kit. We shall see!

Voidraven Bomber

Voidraven #1

Voidraven #2

Voidraven #3

Some more details came in surrounding the Dark Eldar releases for the next week. The codex will be coming out with some snazzy new artwork done by Raymond Swanland once again and the Voidraven itself will of course be appearing on shelves.

Kabalites with Raider

Wychs with Raider

This will be accompanied by the new 'Datacards' and both a Kabalite Skysplinter and Wych Cult Swiftshard combo-box. These don't appear to be new vehicles, just collections putting a unit with a vehicle much like the Armoured Fist Squad for the Astra Militarum.


The Datacards are going to include a series of different objectives for the game and then information on the various combat drugs you can bring to the battlefield during a game.

Dark Eldar Codex Cover

Limited Edition Codex

Some more images have popped up for the Voidraven and the various transport options as well as a snippet of the Limited Edition Codex that will be available for you real hardcore lovers of Dark Eldar.

Are you liking the look of the Voidraven?

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